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37a Gagarina boulevard
office. 218
tel. + 7 (342) 205-52-28 
ext. 6118

Head of School of Management Maksim Kurganov

37a Gagarina boulevard
office. 219
ext. 6119

Степаненко Влада Андреевна
Teaching and Learning Specialist Степаненко Влада Андреевна
Comparative Analysis of Rhetorical Moves in Student and Professional Project Proposal Abstracts

Tatiana Permyakova, Tulyakov D., Balezina E.

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. 2024. Vol. 87. No. 1. P. 60-73.

Book chapter
Set-Asides: The Not-So-Clear Side of Public Procurement

Dmitriy Kashin, Elena Shadrina, Dmitri Vinogradov.

In bk.: GSOM ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2023. Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, 2023. P. 593-597.

Working paper
The impact of sensory characteristics on the willingness to pay for honey.

Zaripova J., Чуприянова К. С., Polyakova I. et al.

General Economics :: arXiv :: Cornell Univerisity. arXiv:2311. Cornell University, 2023

Research & Expertise – News

Perm campus at the April conference

Perm campus at the April conference
At the XVII international scientific April conference at NRU HSE (Moscow) the delegation of Perm campus spoke at 14 sessions. Speakers from the school of management, school of economics and finance, the group for state-private interaction studies, International laboratory of intangible-driven economy and Group for applied markets and enterprises studies took part in the conference.

HSE Researcher Studies Topical Problem in Tourism

Alexandra Sazhina, Lecturer at the Department of Management, HSE in Perm, took part in an international conference, Beyond the Great Beauty: Rescaling Heritage and Tourism. The event took place at the Rimini campus of the University of Bologna, Italy.

If You Want to Sell a Product, Tell the Consumer about Its Origins

A Management Department research seminar was held last week, at which Alisa Panenko presented the results of her research into how Russian consumers perceive European brands. This is not the first time HSE’s Perm Branch has looked at the issue of the marketing impact of a product’s origins. This time, research focused on retail consumers and their perception of the ‘delivered straight from Europe’ initiative launched in the SemYa (Family) chain of stores. During the survey, a team of HSE researcher’s asked customers at the chain whether they view European products differently from the others on offer at the store, and what impact this difference has on their consumer behavior.

‘Residents’ Attitudes as the Basis for Place Marketing Development’

Aleksandra Sazhina (Khamadieva), Lecturer in the School of Management at the HSE Campus in Perm, presented the interim results of her dissertation research at the 2nd International Winter School of the NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions. The school was devoted to ‘The Impact of Cultural and Social Diversity in Economic Development’

Our People in Cambridge

The ‘White Nights’ festival has been an object of research for several years. This year, one of our colleagues presented his research into this event at the renowned University of Cambridge in Great Britain.

Practisism and Realism of Simon Kordonsky

The seminar by Simon Kordonsky was devoted to the issues of stratification in contemporary Russian society and the administrative and territorial structure of Russia.

HSE Management Faculty’s 6th Annual Conference 'Contemporary Problems in Management: Exploring the Boundaries'

On October 23-24 the Annual Conference 'Contemporary Problems in Management: Exploring the Boundaries' took place at the HSE.

China Connecting People

In October the head of management faculty, Irina Shafranskaya, took part in the Place Branding Symposium, organized by a consortium of Chinese and Swedish universities.
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